Thursday, September 25, 2008

Industrial Blvd Renaming -- It's Back On!

Today, the Plan Commission voted against renaming Ross Avenue for Cesar Chavez.

Now the Cesar Chavez Task Force is back to demanding the name onto Industrial Boulevard. Mr. Chavez, who is not from Dallas nor a Texan nor did his work here, already has an elementary school and park named in his honor here in Dallas --- but what do we have for our Stevie Ray Vaughan?


Stevie was born in Dallas, was raised in Oak Cliff and is buried at Laurel Land. He transcended all racial lines with his love for music and his passion for playing those riffs is his legacy to us all.

He was not a politician, a political activist or a captain of industry. He was just a little ol boy who learned to play slide with a Cheez Whiz bottle and went on to enthrall the world with his music.

If Industrial must be renamed, let it be in honor of Dallas' chosen son, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

To make your opinion known, sign the petition here:

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ALittleGuitar said...

i moved a long way from dallas but i signed your petition tonight. hope it does some good. srv was/is the best.