Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let The City Council Know Your Opinion

If you will take the time to visit this link and let the Mayor and Dallas City Council know of your feelings, that would be ideal!

If Industrial Boulevard must be renamed, please do so to honor one of our own -- Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Contact the Mayor and City Council via this online form to let them know you support this request:

Also, to make your opinion known, sign the petition here:

Industrial Blvd Renaming -- It's Back On!

Today, the Plan Commission voted against renaming Ross Avenue for Cesar Chavez.

Now the Cesar Chavez Task Force is back to demanding the name onto Industrial Boulevard. Mr. Chavez, who is not from Dallas nor a Texan nor did his work here, already has an elementary school and park named in his honor here in Dallas --- but what do we have for our Stevie Ray Vaughan?


Stevie was born in Dallas, was raised in Oak Cliff and is buried at Laurel Land. He transcended all racial lines with his love for music and his passion for playing those riffs is his legacy to us all.

He was not a politician, a political activist or a captain of industry. He was just a little ol boy who learned to play slide with a Cheez Whiz bottle and went on to enthrall the world with his music.

If Industrial must be renamed, let it be in honor of Dallas' chosen son, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

To make your opinion known, sign the petition here:

Monday, June 16, 2008

More than 100 Signatures in 1 Day!

An amazing THANK YOU to everyone that has signed the petition requesting Dallas rename
Industrial Boulevard to honor our hometown hero, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Please take time to sign the petition and tell your friends that their signatures are needed also -- we are all in this together!

Below are a sampling of the comments left by signers of the petition:

  • Please honor this Dallas legend

  • Dallas should be honoring those from Dallas who have made a difference in Dallas

  • Cover the deviding line with the name of someone who believed in all people as equal, and represented the people of Oak Cliff as well as Dallas

  • Best name yet!!!

  • We owe it to SRV...

  • Support the arts and artist

  • Requesting Industrial Boulevard Be Renamed To Honor Stevie Ray Vaughan

  • SRV Blvd....definitely...

  • Let's honor this great ambassador of music, who's music has influenced and is living through so many muscians today. His music will live forever - God Bless you Stevie for giving us such a great musical channel

  • Name it after one of our own!!

  • Make the people should honor a man who truly deserves it...

  • This is brilliant! Truly a great tribute to the Dallas native icon.

  • Stevie is and was a better ambassador for Dallas, and Texas than any of the other proposed recipients of this honor.

  • The Time Is Now

  • Let's name this after a TEXAN, not someone who already has streets named after him in other cities/states. Vaughn is also better than any generic Trinity or water-based name.

  • An American musical icon who is revered wordwide. He brought Texas' musical tradition to the attention of the world. Stevie Ray Vaughn changed the course of musical culture worldwide and for generations to come. His life was not one of a political activist but instead dedicated to cultural awakening and the unification that music offers to all races and creeds around the world.

  • why name it after a California guy?

  • A true hero, of music and of Dallas. Please honor this man by changing the street to his name.

  • The Pride Of Texas "SRV"

  • It's time that we honor some of our local legends - let's start with Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  • Whatever can be done to acknowledge this Son of Texas would be of great advantage to everyone who was touched by his life. Having been raised by a Texas Mother, and married for over 25 years now to a Texas Woman, I can personally attest to the fact that yours is a proud tradition of a People and a State that stood against all opposition and gained victory in the end. A man who went from middle class, old fashioned rearing as a child, and rose up through sweat and a life lived life hard, following his dream and becoming a World Class Musician and Songwriter with fans as loyal as they come. Stevie climbed so high he lost his balance and fell. Then he fought his way to his feet and stayed there, and helped others do the same. The legacy of Stevie Ray Vaughan is testament to the Spirit of Texas and America herself!

We Remain True To Our Cause

According to WFAA today, Hispanic community leaders are upset that Industrial was not renamed for Cesar Chavez already. While Cesar Chavez was a political activist that worked for laborer's rights, he was not a Texan, he was not from Dallas and he did not do his primary works here.

The community is voicing back that we want one of the sons of Dallas to be honored by the renaming of Industrial.

We are asking that the Dallas City Council to rename Industrial for Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  • Stevie was born in Dallas.
  • Stevie was raised in the Oak Cliff area.
  • Stevie's final resting place is at Laurel Land Cemetery
Stevie is one of our own and his time has come for Dallas to publicly recognize him - a recognition that everyone from the City of Austin to Fender Guitars bestowed upon him years ago.

The public petition addressed to the Dallas City Council can be signed at the following link -- make your voices heard -- we want Stevie recognized and honored.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stevie Ray Vaughan Petition Is Now Online

At Dallas City Hall today, a debacle ensued when Council Members began arguing over the renaming of Industrial Boulevard.

It seems most everyone is of accord that the road should be renamed something that is not quite so industrial but what to name it?

Certain sources at Dallas City Hall said that a recent poll reflected Cesar Chavez as the most popular choice yet a similar poll on Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA is showing that 85% of their voters do NOT want Chavez's name utilized.

It's important to keep in mind that this isn't an issue against Cesar Chavez, it just seems that the citizens of Dallas would rather have a name that reflects one of our own or something representative of nature.

After today's tiff at City Hall (you can see the video here), the issue has been shelved for consideration until August 5 at the earliest, and that means that we have a chance in letting the Dallas City Council know that we would prefer to have Industrial renamed after one of our own -- the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan.

We ask that you sign the petition at this link: